The future of business aviation, like that of passenger flights in Geneva, is an economic and political priority for the canton and the wider greater Geneva region. Business aviation represents 22% of movements on Geneva’s runways and encompasses several sectors: private, banking, corporate, diplomatic and medical flights.

Since 2015, the AGAA has been the voice of Swiss companies who operate at Geneva Airport. These include:

  • Companies operating aircrafts registered in Switzerland and based in Geneva
  • Operators of private aircrafts registered in Switzerland and based in Geneva
  • Aeronautical maintenance centres dedicated to business aviation
  • Assistance companies for the passenger of business aviation

The boom in commercial aviation, limited capacity at the Cointrin aerodrome and the fall in frequentation observed for corporate aircraft in Geneva are also factors that companies have to face at the moment. The members of AGAA therefore want to focus on managing the airport's niche areas, optimising capacity slots and densifying parking.

As media interest in business aviation is growing, the AGAA is available for press enquiries and happy to answer journalists’ questions. Please contact us by email at


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